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Our Philosophy

At Les Petits Gaulois, we believe that a child's preschool years will be one of the best years of his life. Our team works hard to provide the best education whilst creating a fun environment for children. Here, children look forward to coming to school as they embark on great adventures with their teachers. 

We aim to provide quality preschool programs with the support of our team of dedicated School Manager and Teachers, making a difference in the lives of the children and families under our care. We constantly challenge our children's little minds to shape and prepare them for the best of their future.



Curiosity - Our students become active participants in their world rather than mere observers of it. 

Creativity - Childhood is a time to get away from the obvious, safe, and expected, and produce something new.  We encourage our children to think independently as this is the basis of creativity.

Confidence - Being confident means having the ability to figure things out. We provide many opportunities for our children to practice their analytical and critical thinking skills.

Continuity – Instead of telling them what to think, we engage the minds of our students to sort out their own reactions and articulate them through the medium at hand.  We prepare them to take on new challenges and adapt to new environments.


At Les Petits Gaulois, every child will acquire life’s essential skills, be motivated to explore and stretch his/her imagination. They are provided with a strong foundation for future learning so that he/she may realize his/her fullest potential. He or she will also be encouraged to grow into thinking, self-assured and creative individuals amidst a warm and homely atmosphere. We also have heartwarming traditions including family days, picnics, field trips, performances, cultural celebrations.



The bond between home and school is a strong one at Les Petits Gaulois. Here, we believe that parents, teachers, principal/manager and even the support staff, are vital partners in facilitating the growth and development of our children. We work hand-in-hand with one another and we strongly encourage open communication and/or constructive feedback. Furthermore, updates, feedback and discussions on your child's development will be shared with parents to help ensure the optimal development of your child and to help reach his/her potential. 


Every child who joins Les Petits Gaulois will be assigned to an account to our school's app, which will be a platform for parents and teachers to communicate with each other efficiently. It can be used to relay messages, ask questions, give feedback and make suggestions. 


At Les Petits Gaulois, parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s learning adventures with us. Activities for the whole family are held throughout the year such as Carnivals, Exhibitions and Year-end Concerts. At the end of each month, each child will bring home a monthly curriculum/event update in their Lifebook, prepared by the class teachers (French and English), to give parents an overview of what has been covered during the month. This may include lyrics to new songs learnt, child-in-action pictures, drawings, etc. Parents can also use this book to share some pictures of core memories of their child outside of school. In addition, there will be a weekly overview update, posted on the school app, to help facilitate parents to recap their child's learning of the week. With the login details of the school app, each child's  family members, or friends, can see what their little ones are doing in school.

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