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Best Preschool | Singapore | Lepetit

If you're looking for a high quality preschool in Singapore for 18 months to 6 years of age, with plenty of love from the teachers, Lepetit is just right for them to become star learners! Learn more about how we can be a perfect fit your child's needs.

How do I choose from all the preschools in Singapore?
As there are so many preschools in Singapore, you want to take your time when choosing the best fit for your child. Look for a comprehensive curriculum where your children tackle multiple concepts & be able to experience learning that integrates practical life skills & early literacy success. Compare which school's innovative learning environments fits what you would like to bring out for your child which may include:

  • Fundamental motor skills development

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Physical education

  • Experiential learning environment

  • Bilingual immersion core curriculum

  • Creative development

  • Multicultural environment

  • Visual and creative arts

  • Inquiry based curriculum

As an all inclusive preschool, Lepetit, we start your child's holistic development from the early years (foundation stage) with dedicated teachers each step of the way
Which type of preschool is best?
As parents, you would know that social and emotional development is just as important as building a strong academic foundation at such a young age(18 months to 6 years). In Singapore preschool such as LEptit, children learn at an early age how to be bilingual, improve interactions with different races, culture, & languages as we're a *bilingual preschool(read to learn how we're actually trilingual!), children engage differently as we ease them into learning how to start developing themselves with guidance of the teachers with plenty of enrichment classes.
What age is the best to start preschool?
Lepetit is a learning haven for those in the foundational stage as we take a holistic education approach to develop fundamental motor skills, integrated thematic curriculum, & even with an enhanced music integrated curriculum which greatly improves learning essential life skills they can apply by themselves as they grow with us.
Is preschool(playschool) necessary in Singapore?
As parents & teachers ourselves, we at Lepetit understand & acknowledge the importance of attending a preschool in Singapore with having a fast paced life & the rigours of education system locally, we help develop kids to tackle a range of obstacle to help them develop their own learning. Sending them to a preschool such as Lepetit will benefit your child's development onto how they respond to both external & internal environment, which is necessary as most preschool don't teach or develop them early in their developmental stage.
What age is best for preschool(early childhood education)?
18 months to 6 years old is what is known as they foundational stage where whatever they learn from their experiences will be their base as a person. It can include problems solving, social interactions, empathy and so on. After the age of six years, it is however not impossible to change but is challenging unless you have a constant learning process for them as our learning stage takes a backstage at around six years old. Thus, making the most out of this opportunity to send them to a play school/ preschool that encourages growth with professional & qualified teachers, who both understands the requirements of individual child and as a group is important.
What is the best location for a preschool?
Located in heart East Coast, we have ample space to encourage all sort of outdoor & indoor activities for your child's exposure to multiple learning areas. Lepeti also has a carpark directly in front of our doors so you can see & pick them up right at our
Best *Bilingual International Preschool In Singapore
Having a holistic curriculum means that your child will be exposed to an array of teachers & kids from all walks of background which includes:

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Mexican

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • American

  • Australian

  • British

  • New Zealand

  • Malay

  • Chinese

  • Indian

  • Russian

Lepetit follows both Singapore kindergarten curriculum framework & french national curriculum making us a global preschool in Singapore, & to make things even more interesting for your chid's learning exposure, we have a Chinese language curriculum making us the only *trilingual preschool in Singapore officially!
Quality Education
Essential skills such as problem solving & the ability to socialise increases their school readiness thus, a high quality preschool education/ curriculum for your child is important as it makes them the brightest primary school students, carrying over what they have experienced at Lepetit & having them mould themselves further into active learners. At Lepetit, we offer not just a formal education, we offer your kids an experience for their early learning journey to a rich and exciting worlds that they can become.
Contact us to have a complimentary personalised tour for you & your child to see what their future learning environment has in store for them.





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